Between the 1 s t and the 10 th of August 2014, the city of Suceava, Romania, is hosting the 8 t h
    annual edition of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics
    http:// . The event will take place at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava
    and will bring together participants from more than 40 countries.
    The amateur radio operators from the Suceava County are promoting this event by
    giving an award certificate to ham operators worldwide who, between February 1 s t and August 12 t h
    2014, gather 20 points by making two way contacts with specific stations
    in the Suceava area (see the stations and points list below) and a compulsory contact
    with the special callsign YR8IOAA. Contacts made in all modes and bands (HF, VHF
    and up) count towards the award. SWLs are also eligible for the award. However, only
    the complete contact entries are valid, meaning that a valid log entry must contain both
    station's calls (the SWL needs to hear them both).
    The award in electronic format is free of charge and can be obtained by sending the
    request and the log at
    . The paper award can be obtained by sending by mail the request and the paper log at the address:
    Universitatea "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Facultatea de Inginerie Electrica si Stiinta
    Calculatoarelor, str. Universitatii, nr.13 – Simioniuc Gheorghe
    The price of the paper award is 2 Euro.
    In order to obtain the award, a total of 50 points must be acquired and at least one valid
    contact with the special call (YR8IOAA).
    Special callsign
    YR8IOAA = 20 points
    Suceava University Amateur Radio Club Stations
    YO8BDW, YO8SBQ, YO8SBR, YO8TLC, YO8TTT, YO8KGU = 10 points
    Suceava County Stations
    YO8KGA, YO8KGB, YO8KGT, YO8KUU, YQ8ANT, YR8D = 5 points